Ubuntu: Resume Script in Terminal After Reboot

I needed to reboot in the middle of my shell script to install Kubernetes / Brigade, and my Googling found several people with similar questions, but no answers that quite worked for me. Here’s the basic code just to get a shell script to reboot and then resume in a visible terminal after the reboot.

The commands to be run after the reboot are echoed into a new shell script, so characters like slashes and dollar signs need to be escaped with a backslash.

Most of the posts with similar questions mentioned that running a shell script with sudo is a bad idea. Since my script is designed to be run in a sandboxed VM and most of the commands needed sudo permissions anyways, I figured it’s not a problem in this case.

#after reboot
echo "echo \"Post-reboot content goes here\"

#remove this from running at startup
rm ~/.config/autostart/myScript.desktop
rm /home/$SUDO_USER/myScript.sh" >> /home/$SUDO_USER/myScript.sh

#make file executable
chmod +x ~/myScript.sh

#set new script to run after reboot
cd .config/
mkdir -p "autostart/"
cd ..
echo "[Desktop Entry]
Exec=x-terminal-emulator -e sudo /home/$SUDO_USER/myScript.sh
Name=Testing" >> ~/.config/autostart/myScript.desktop

#before reboot
echo "Pre-reboot commands go here"
sleep 30

reboot -f

Running the script:
 After the reboot: